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Four Things You May Not Know About Libraries

  1. The world wide web isn’t the only network Many don’t realize that some libraries are linked by networks to other libraries within and outside the U.S. Librarians can acquire foreign materials for and select materials from other collection in order to keep resources current, relevant and credible. As long as the resources are […]

Library Innovation with Dear Reader

There are several technological innovations which could make libraries more readily accessible and easier to use for all citizens. An automated sorting system could offer librarians the opportunity and flexibility to spend more time with patrons and carry on more value-added tasks. There are a range of solutions for all library settings. On a shoestring […]

Gotta love your library!

With the emergence of electronic documentation, the question is raised for the need of libraries. But isn’t everything is online? Everything (all information, all knowledge, all the assets, all the ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc.) is accessible from anywhere. So why preserve, develop, evolve these archaic institutions of another age? 1. Books weren’t always what they […]