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Dear Reader,

Don't start thinking to yourself, 'I'm not a writer.' Because I started the writing contest 19 years ago, for someone exactly like you. Everyone has at least one 650-word story inside of them (the maximum number of words allowed in an entry), and I'd love to read yours.

The Write a DearReader Contest is all about writing for fun. Two people can work together on an entry, so feel free to collaborate with a friend or spouse. If your entry is chosen as a First Place ($200 cash prize), Second Place ($100), or Third Place ($50) winner, I will donate a 50% matching gift to your local library in your honor. And the winning entries will be featured in my daily column.

So get busy and start writing. Write about your grandmother's favorite recipe, tell me about your favorite or most obnoxious neighbor. What's the one word that would best describe you? What's your wish, but it hasn't come true yet? Write down the conversation you'd have with your cat or dog if they could talk. Tell me about a perfect first date, or one that made you run the other way.

If you made a list of things about yourself that make you feel proud, what would they be? Inspire folks to do what they love. When does your passion shine? When do you pull up the covers and hide-out from fear? Serious, funny, embarrassing situations, thoughts about life, fiction, and nonfiction, the topics are endless. Memories make great stories. Write about the antics of a quirky relative. I remember when…

Does the thought of writing something that people will read give you the willies? Perfect. There’s your topic—write about your fear of writing. But start writing about something...because it’s time to enter the 19th annual Write a DearReader Contest. To review the guidelines and to read last year’s winning entries, click on the tabs on the right-hand side of this page.

Thanks for reading with me. It’s so good to read with friends.

Start writing,
Suzanne Beecher