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2008 ShopSmart magazine cover with DearReader.com mention“We Love It”

The September 2008 issue of Consumer Reports' ShopSmart magazine gave DearReader.com a "We Love It" cheer. They liked our online forum and our “meet” the authors feature.





omag_200601_cover_75x102From the
January 2006 issue of O Magazine
A Book-Tasting Club
Five years ago, Floridian Suzanne Beecher wanted to do something for the busiest people she knew: working mothers at the small software company she ran with her husband. "They had dreams and no time to pursue them," she says. "I thought that books could provide some answers."
So she typed up the opening chapters of Tuesday's with Morrie and emailed them to her staff. "Suddenly, these people who thought they had no time to read were turning off their TVs at night and discussing the book with their husbands," says Beecher.
Today dearreader.com has more than 300,000 members nationwide. How it works: You enter your email address at the Web site and sign up for a "club"--such as mystery, classics, business. Then, each morning for a week you receive a sample of the latest book selection, which takes no more than five minutes to read.  By Friday you'll have finished the first few chapters of, say, Steinbeck's The Moon Is Down, enough to know if you want to read the rest. The links at the end of the email will take you to a bookstore or your local library. Beecher and her staff cull selections from a network of more than 100 publishers, readers, and authors. "It's like getting that plastic spoon at an ice cream store," she says, "and tasting flavors that you might not have dared try before."

—Jessica Brilliant Keener




“From a Milwaukee bookseller to Oprah Winfrey, from San Francisco’s “Litquake” Festival and the New York City Police Museum to the Perkins Braille Library, to DearReader.com, James Patterson announces the winners of the first annual $100,000 James Patterson Pageturner Awards.”

Click here to read about DearReader’s Pageturner award.






Suzanne Beecher was featured in a Woman’s Day article about people who have turned their passion into a successful business.



AP Associated Press — March 26, 2004
Libraries Use Internet to Entice Readers
By Elliot Minor
Click here to read entire story.




The News- Review
February 19, 2004




August 2002, Wabash & Lake selected Suzanne Beecher as their Evangelist of the Month. They recognized her for her mission to get people back into reading. As you can see, she’s in good company. Click to read their article.





Charles Osgood

The Osgood Files

The Osgood Files (CBS Radio Network)




Read article at www.wired.com by M.J. Rose.




Public Libraries Embrace
Online Book Club

“The service is free. It gets people reading and using their libraries, and demands on library staff are minimal. What’s not to like? The concept is as simple as sampling a fine wine before you buy.”

Read the entire article.




Can an online book club make  nonreaders into patrons?
Move Over,  Oprah
“[DearReader.com] recently launched the Business Book Club, which delivers segments of business books. Companies can choose to link to their local libraries, to the OnLine Book Club Store, or both. Mary Ann Alderman, Brevard County Library (Cocoa, FL) community relations manager, recruited one huge Florida-based coporation that will offer books to managers.” Read the entire article.




New York Daily News:
“Library Book Club Goes Cyber”




Sarasota Herald Tribune Article

Listen to Suzanne’s
interview on
National Public

Florida Library Association awards its Annual Corporate Award

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