Welcome to Dear Reader

In 1999 I discovered a way to get people back in the habit of reading books. I’ve always encouraged my staff to read, so you can imagine my reaction when one of my employees, a stay-at-home mom, told me, “Suzanne, I cook, I clean, I take care of my kids, my husband and I work part-time for you. I can’t find the time to shave my legs and you want me to read a book.”

She had a good point. So the next morning in my daily email to staff, I included a couple of pages from the book Tuesdays with Morrie. Just a quick 5-minute read. The next day I included a bit more and by the fourth day, the no-time-to-shave-her-legs mom emailed: “Suzanne, I’m embarrassed to admit it but I’ve been sneaking over to my computer late at night to see if you sent tomorrow’s email early—because I’m hooked on the book.”

I realized I’d stumbled on a fun and easy way for busy people to get back into reading. As one reader described it, “It’s like a little piece of fine chocolate.” Today more than 375,000 library patrons start their morning with a book excerpt in their email.

Today we offer a variety of reader advisory services all designed to run autonomously, while still offering a high degree of customization. Don’t hesitate to call or email, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by great customer service.

–Suzanne Beecher, Founder