Your patron’s favorite author just hit the shelf
– and we let them know

We track your patron’s favorite authors for them and provide an automated way of connecting patrons with their library – No installation, no training – See below for how this works.

Get alerted as soon as new works by beloved authors hit the library shelves, and never miss out on the latest chapters from the writers you admire.


    AuthorCheck is smart. It automatically maps out your OPAC’s actual holdings and presents author information relevant to your patrons.

  • Versatile

    Allows you to automatically share your collection via weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters.

  • Automatic

    AuthorCheck is not another burden for your staff. All data is generated remotely and automatically – tailored to your library’s holdings. It’s a perfect match.

  • Always current

    AuthorCheck never rests. Its a service that captures the development of your holdings and reflects the most current information to your patrons.